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We are a family oriented business and very much work as a team to make learning, working and creating with glass an enjoyable experience for everyone - no matter what level of experience.  Any new craft needs the right “Kit” to get creating your own ideas.  If you have first tried our Stained Glass Copper Foiing workshops using glass, copper & soldering you will understand that we have made the craft of Stained Glass accessible to everyone.  When I first started working with glass (many years ago….) little did I realise that there are so many people who felt like me.  I wanted to get “making” things using beautiful glass but was terrified (honestly!!!) of cutting the glass …. I wanted a pre-cut glass pack to get me started but there was nothing out there for me to try.  This is why I set up the Glass Garden Studio, for people like me who love crafting but hate all the fussy bits!  So, on this website are a range of items for you to get stuck in right away and you can always catch me at one of the Craft Shows throughout the year to get a little help when you need it.!  From absolute beginners to the more experienced artist looking for something a little different in the Arts & Crafts field, we aim to give you a better understanding of working with this vibrant medium.

Tracey Quinn

Working on new designs in the Studio - in the rare moments of peace & quiet .....
Paul Fry

My wonderful husband who is always working in the background doing "jobs" for the Glass Garden Studio that are time consuming, fiddly and really annoying... My Hero!
Our Studio!

Our studio in Bath, where we hold a number of  workshops, has lots of reference material for people to look at to inspire them to make beautiful creative designs.  
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