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2019 is going to be Super Interesting!!!

2018 was a great year meeting so many new people.  Getting people to try their hand at Stained Glass Copper Foiling (the "Tiffany" method) for the first time has been a great pleasure to me personally.  It shows that there is certainly a revival in Glass work at all levels of skill.

Our glass packs designs multiply yearly with something for every level of ability to try either at the show workshops or at home.  This year we have a whole set of Beach themed designs and even larger items to make that have a stunning impact anywhere you put them.

Crafting Live Venues:                              ICHF Venues:                            Craft4crafters Venues:                             
CL                                                            ICHF                                          C4C                                                         

Sandown Park Racecourse                          Manchester                                 Bath & West Showground                          
26th-27th January                                     31st Jan - 2nd February               11 - 13th April                                         

Malvern Three Counties Showground                                                                                                               
23rd - 24th March    
Doncaster Race Course                                                                                                                             
13 - 14th July                                                                                                                                                  
                                                            21st-22nd Sept                                           
                                                            19 - 20th Oct                                             




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