Workshop Venues in the UK, Ireland and Belgium


2018 is going to be the most creative fun yet!

2017 was a great year for us.  It has been a great pleasure introducing the craft of Glass to so many people who attended the shows and our home workshops. 

Our glass packs designs multiply yearly with something for every level of ability to try either at the show workshops or at home.

2018 will be even more fun as we are going to attend even more venues both in the UK and for the first time in Belgium.

Crafting Live Venues:                              ICHF Venues:                            Craft4crafters Venues:                           Hobby Creatief Salon Venues:    
CL                                                            ICHF                                          C4C                                                         HCS

Sandown Park Racecourse                          Manchester                                 Bath & West Showground                          Belgium Antwerp
26th-27th January                                     1st-3rd February                         12th-14th April                                         15th-18th February

Malvern Three Counties Showground           Glasgow                                                                                                    Belgium Kortrijk
24th-25th March                                        8th-11th March                                                                                          2nd-4th March

                                                          Belfast                                                      Birmingham                                                                                               Belgium Mechelen
                                                          26th-28th April                                          15th-18th March                                                                                        20th-23rd September
                                                          Edinburgh                                                 London EXCEL Centre
                                                          1st-2nd June                                             19th-21st April
                                                          Bolton Arena                                             Birmingham
                                                          8th-9th June                                             29th June-1st July

                                                          Doncastor Racecourse                                Manchester 
                                                          14th-15th July                                           6th-8th September

                                                                                                                          27th-30th September

                                                                                                                          25th-28th October
                                                                                                                          Birmingham NEC
                                                                                                                          1st-4th November

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